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Chandelier Louis XVI Napoléon

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In bronze, 8 arms lights
Size : Height 140 cm x 111 cm Width (H: 52,12″ x W: 43,71″ inches)
Ref : lus-Louis-XVI-Napoleon-8

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An important chandelier of Napoleon III period in the style of Louis XVI, with eight arms of light decorated with foliage holding twenty-eight lights on two levels. The central shaft is decorate with a neoclassixal fire urn placed on a bouquet of roses around a torch and a quiver with arrow. The whole is crowned with garlands of flowers ans bows.
The Napoleon III style is the apotheosis of eclecticism and pastiche. Pompeian, Chinoiserie, Neo-Renaissance, Louis XVI, Louis XVI, etc. Excessive ostentation, the style play with ornamentation, a love of luxury and pomp. Accumulation is the golden rule and comprehensive example of this style. All grammar of Napoleon III style is defined: the taste of Louis XVI style and Neoclassical reference of the central fire urn. The size of this chandelier, with its twenty-eight lights is as much an exceptional lighting object as a sophisticated sculpture. The carving is particulary well highlighted buy its gold and metal patina.

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