Wall lamp Wien

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In bronze and crystal.
Size : Height 110 cm x 56 cm Width x 30 cm Depth (H: 43.3″ x W: 22″ x D: 11.8″ inches)
Ref : app-Wien/B-7

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  • Argent 1
  • Bronze
  • Bronze Antique
  • Chrome
  • Nickel
  • Or 18 carats
  • Or 24 carats
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Wall lamp Wien

This wall lamp is inspired by a model of chandelier by Josef Hoffmann (architect and designer member of the Viennese secession).
Indeed, the lower part of the sconce, composed of three palm leaves of Drops ornaments, is close to that of the successful model of the Austrian architect.
However, the composition is more complex than its original.
A plate of light, whose ornaments recall the eighteenth century, comes to complete the floor of the palm, itself topped by a shell. The latter opens on three floorsin half-crown, decorated with Drops.
These crowns are reminiscent of the chandeliers of the Central European countries (the chandelier of Werner and Mieth in the Russian taste, dating from the 19th century and preserved at the Mathieu Museum), as well as the edges of the shell take the form of lava flow.
Cleverly mixing these three parts, this wall lamp offers a very soft light, thanks to the crystal Drops acting as a louver.

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Argent 1, Bronze, Bronze Antique, Chrome, Nickel, Or 18 carats, Or 24 carats

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