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Wall lamp Rambouillet

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In bronze, with rock crystal, 5 arms light.
Size : Height 94 cm x 69 cm Width x 34 cm Depth (H: 37″ x W: 27.2″ x D: 13.4″ inches)
On picture : nickel finish and rock crystal 11 643 euros VAT
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  • Argent 1
  • Or 18 carats
  • Or 24 carats
  • Bronze Antique
  • Bronze
  • Chrome
  • Nickel
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Wall lamp Rambouillet

This wall lamp cleverly mixes several patterns and influences of the great goldsmith of the 18th century.
The mirror on the one hand, which is a reminder of the evolutions of the luminaire at the time. Indeed, the arms of light are necessary at the beginning of the 18th century because of the architectural changes. The chimneys have lower shelves topped by mirrors, the arms are then framed to reflect the light.
In addition, the knots, the floral decorations and the garlands are plants motifs very popular at the time. We find them on the boards of the ornamentalist Pierre-Gabriel Berthault preserved at the Louvre Museum.
From a cup carrying a bouquet plant emerges two floors of light arms. The first, with three arms, is composed of garlands supporting cups and candles sleeves shaped flower buds.
The second, most vegetal, with two arms, imitates two stems of foliage whose flowered ends conceal a candle sleeve.
The set is surmounted by an oval mirror, which is itself surmounted by a node whose curves echo the distribution of the arms.
The ensemble is a perfect example of the transition style, mixing the floral Rococo ornaments with the antique symmetry of the end of the century.
This sconce can be compared to the one with a mirror of the Bonaparte Museum in Ajaccio, dating from the 18th century.

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Argent 1, Or 18 carats, Or 24 carats, Bronze Antique, Bronze, Chrome, Nickel