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Wall lamp Louis XIV

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In bronze, 5 arms light.

Size : Height 130 cm x 82 cm Width x 38 cm Depth (H: 51.2″ x W: 32.3″ x D: 15″ inches)
Ref : app-LXIV

Technical file

  • Argent 1
  • Or 18 carats
  • Or 24 carats
  • Bronze Antique
  • Bronze
  • Chrome
  • Nickel
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Wall lamp Louis XIV

This model consists of a violin-shaped light plate, decorated with geometric patterns and flowers in bas-relief.
The bottom of the plate is decorated with vegetal rock motifs, while the upper part is surmounted by a flower from which rays emerge. Reference to the sun king Louis XIV, we find these rays crowning the Graux-Marly chandelier of the Royal castle of Versailles.
Rockery ornaments of the lower part with five arms of light ended by a flared cup and a chiselled candle sleeve.
The set offers a summary of the magnificence and opulence of the Louis XIV style.

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Monde entier


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Argent 1, Or 18 carats, Or 24 carats, Bronze Antique, Bronze, Chrome, Nickel