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Applique Aigle 壁灯 老鹰

4 1355 375 HT


青铜 , 3 个臂灯

尺寸 : Height 75 cm x 30 cm Width x 45 cm Depth (H: 29.5″ x W: 11.8″ x D: 17.7″ inches)

Fiche technique

  • Argent 1
  • Bronze
  • Bronze Antique
  • Chrome
  • Nickel
  • Or 18 carats
  • Or 24 carats
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壁灯 老鹰

If the basis of this sconce, the three arms of lights, are of very classical inspiration, close to the model of Joseph Silffred Duplessis from 1760 preserved in the Louvre Museum, the rest of the composition is unprecented.
Starting from a light plate in the shape of a finely chiseled flower, an eagle with expanded plumage comes to hold in its beak the chain bearing the three arms of light.
The very rectilinear and symmetrical shape of the arms is skilfully balanced by the vegetal ornaments that cover them, whose rounded ones respond to the plumage of the eagle.
The choice of this animal, if it evokes the First Empire, must however be brought closer to earlier models, like the arms with the eagle and the caduceus at the Royal castle of Versailles (dating back to 1789).

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Monde entier


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Argent 1, Bronze, Bronze Antique, Chrome, Nickel, Or 18 carats, Or 24 carats

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