Our definition of luxury: Custom-made artisanal creations.

Creating unique pieces to illuminate remarkable residences is a craftsman’s dream.

A beautiful print of a classic French interior with an arabesque chandelier offers the perfect starting point for an elegant bespoke piece: the Varennes chandelier.
This Louis XVI-inspired chandelier combines finely chiselled bronze with simple ornaments. Built around a central shaft decorated with glass beads, this chandelier features eighteen branches arranged in a circle. Inspired by rinceaux, these branches include flat cups and floral bobeches, complete with spirals in the center. The latter connect the branched element to the ornamental element by way of small chains. Rosettes and French drops adorn the arms, joined together by a strand of crystal beads. The ornamental element where the chains start at the top of the chandelier is also decorated with drops. The chandelier creates an overall effect of lightness and softness thanks to its delicate design and curved arms.

The Varennes is inspired by eighteenth-century chain chandeliers, such as the 1780 arabesque chandelier from the Palace of Versailles, which features similar arms, or the sixteen-branch chandelier from the same year that is stored in the Louvre.
We begin the reproduction process by calculating the exact proportions of an old model from a print, and then we can move on to designs and first casts. For this piece, we chose to take inspiration from the original before adding our own flair with semi-precious malachite drops.
We can also reproduce the Varennes chandelier in other sizes or using rock crystal… the possibilities are endless.