Since 1994, the founders of Ombres et Facettes have been following their passion for the decorative arts. Ombres et Facettes is located in a small village in the Loire Valley, between Blois and Orléans, near Chambord Castle, and can also be found at the Saint-Ouen flea market, a Mecca of Parisian antique shops and luxury à la française.

Our passion and technical expertise allows us to restore and reproduce old light fittings, with the aim of preserving and enhancing the beauty of these collector’s pieces. Safeguarding our artistic heritage is one of the missions established by the company founders, driven by their belief in quality craftsmanship.

Our pieces are now found all over the world, in France, England, Saudi Arabia, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Russia and Hong Kong, in private homes luxury hotels, castles and more.

We are dedicated to exceptional quality, focusing primarily on bespoke pieces. Working in close collaboration with architects and decorators, we adapt our creations to their intended location to best meet your expectations and elevate the space.

The company’s activities can be divided into three key areas: the creation, reproduction and restoration of chandeliers and light fittings.

Our creations are inspired by the bronzeworking traditions and crystal chandelier makers of the early 18th century and 19th century, including Boulle, Thomire, and many others. An age of splendour for the French court, when the hall of mirrors in Versailles was bringing light to all of Europe, the 18th century represents a high point of chandelier design.

We are able to adapt these classic models to suit modern tastes, basing our designs on archival materials and taking inspiration from photographs of old models. We also create contemporary models, combining craftsmanship and luxurious materials with modern lines and designs.