Le dîner paysan

At the helm of this first edition of the Dîner Paysan, a couple whose know-how equals kindness, and whose roots in the Percheron region find themselves encapsulated in Guillaume’s kitchen. The Chef defends the values of his terroir with finesse, ingenuity and a certain sense of relentlessness to make the most of what had disappeared.

No passivity, but a modernity in his approach, which restores taste to many products, meaning to their presence on their plate and a real human dimension through his exchanges with farmers without whom the pots would be empty.

As for Quy Phi, she is equally attached to a sense of detail, essential to the good balance of the tandem, and usually works indoors.

She has here an unlimited space to express her creativity, notably through drinks made with herbs from the vegetable garden, and welcomes you to this playground of play and flavors, for the time of an evening.

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