Lantern: A lantern is a portable or suspended lamp with glass walls to protect the light source(s) from the wind and the elements. Suspended lanterns can take the form of a globe (or a bell or jar), with the light source completely surrounded by glass, or a panelled lantern with metal-framed glass plates. Just like chandeliers, panelled lanterns can be embellished with crystals or porcelain flowers.

The central candle holder is always made from metal. As Pierre Verlet explained, they were traditionally suspended using a system of pulleys and metal counterweights. In the 14th century, lanterns were used instead of chandeliers in the bedroom. These lamps were designed with metal fittings, and were later replaced by chandeliers. Long relegated to utilitarian uses, lanterns made their way back into the home in the mid-18th century, when both ornate and understated lanterns were produced in large quantities.