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Created in 1994, OMBRE ET FACETTES is located in a small village of the Loire Valley, between Blois and Orléans.


The creators of OMBRES ET FACETTES are directly inspired by the traditions of bronze and crystal chandeliers makers of the beginning of the XVIII century. The period of splendor of the French royal court reached its peak and when the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles shaped the taste for all Eurpoeans monarchies.


 In adapting those items to the modern taste we reinvent our chandeliers and base our design on the archives materials or select our ideas from the photos of old models.


Our whole collection can be customized and we can design and produce unique models, prototypes of your choice. We can also provide exact replica models of vintage items from the private collections.


The specialists of our atelier intervene during the different stages of production of the chandelier : drawing, creation, assembling, electrification, crystal plass-making.


The design of our chandelier can be based on any previously created model or on an original drawing.


Today, we develop more contemporary models in crystal and also more classical sconce. All those items can be made to measure.


The whole range is available in all types of finishes : silver, 24 carat gold, nickel..


Assembling in types of crystal : lead, bohemian, stone, malachite, rock crystal…


Our wish is to meet to any request regarding all types of lighting .

Our items are highly appreciated by the classic admirers.


Our chandeliers can be seen in private houses, palaces and Châteaux in France, England, Saudi Arabia, Unites states, Uae, Russia, Hong kong.